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All too often we read about the downsides of drinking; heart disease, liver disease, lifestyle disease and Losingallyourfriendstothedrink-disease. And although you obviously shouldn't drink stupid amounts, a little bit can do you a lot of good.

Here are just a few reasons why you should get yo drink on (in a responsible manner):

Wine Vs Alzheimers
Due to wine's ability to create good cholesterol, blood flow to the brain is increased. This helping hand keeping blood flowing north is a great help when it comes to fighting certain proteins that are linked to Alzheimers disease and other forms of dementia.
So although you may forget the evening you spent on the sauce, your memory will thank you long-term (ALL IN MODERATION).

A Kick In The Stones
Another benefit of wine's ability to promote good cholesterol is that it makes your chances of getting gallstones much much slimmer. Since 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men are estimated to develop gallstones at some point in their lives and i'm pretty sure no one particularly enjoys the idea of growing a pebble, yet again wine is your friend.

Losing Weight
You sure as hell wont start to see the pounds drop off you by drinking 15 large bottles of WKD Blue each week but studies have shown that a moderate drinker is able to more easily shed weight than people who don't drink at all.
Drinking alcohol causes a dip in your body sugar, causing your body to burn carbs consumed in order to bring the blood sugar level back up again. It has been said that drinking just one or two alcoholic drinks a day can be beneficial if trying to lose weight. It is important that you don't drink something full of sugar and additives though as that will do you no good at all... Gin and slimline tonic is said to be a good choice.

Sexy Times
Wine Goggles
Although that heading sounds like the name of a saucy newspaper, that's not what I'm on about.
Some scientist men, probably in a grotty lab with a naughty calendar on the wall, did a study to see if drinking red wine had any effect on ladies sex-drive. It's all in the name of science they said. Filthy buggers.

The experiment involved getting 800 women (this was carried out by the University of Florence, which is in no way surprising), aged 18 to 50 to firstly say how much red wine they each week and then had them fill out a questionnaire. After much 'trouser fiddling' (Filthy, FILTHY buggers), the scores were worked out and the evidence was conclusive - Red wine equals good times.

Again, this goes back to red wine's ability to improve blood flow throughout the body, meaning in this case, the 'special areas' getting a boost. So to speak.

You may also get wine-goggles, meaning more men will start to look like Henry Cavill, which i guess is no bad thing.

These are just a few benefits to drinking in moderation but if you want to be healthy, slim, have sex and remember it all for years to come, it looks like booze may well be the way forward. Provided you drink decent stuff and not too much of it.

So go forth, eat, drink and be merry. Apart from don't eat too much, drink too much or be merry too much because you will die slowly. Lovely.

Images taken from w. cryer, Reigh LeBlanc, healthandfitnessfirst & Henry Cavill Fanpage's respective photostreams, under the creative commons license.

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