Monday, 15 July 2013

Single Malt Savings- Isle of Jura Superstition

This week, with my ear ever to the ground in search of good value single malts, I noticed the Isle of Jura Superstition is a surprisingly low £23 at ASDA! Most other supermarkets retail it between £25-32, so this was not one I fancied missing.

Now, I have already talked about how my friends and I love the 10yr old, but this whisky doesn't actually have an age statement on the bottle. The lack of an age statement is due to this whisky being made up of 13yr and 21yr old whiskies from Jura, so if they were to state an age it would have to be 13yr and that wouldn't be the luckiest thing to do - or sound particularly great for marketing. This whisky is new to me and so of course I was chucking salt over my shoulder and knocking wood that it would be up to my expectations (this whisky is all superstition by name and nature...).

The nose in this whisky gives a big nod to the fact that it is peated - Superstition is described as a lightly peated whisky and, whilst it isn't as large as a Laphroaig, those notes are prominent. The first thing to come through is smoke and salt for me, although these have quite a sweet personality. Amongst the smoke there is honey, cream perhaps a burnt toffee or caramel scent as well. This isn't the most complex nose in the world, but has some nice depth, especially for the price point.

On the palate the sweetness comes through first with the smoke and more peaty notes growing before lulling back. There is a good amount of spice that comes through and on the finish there is an almost gingernut biscuit and toast quality that comes to the fore. Superstition has a fairly decent length and quite a nice, oily, full-bodied mouth feel. This is a pretty smooth and mellow whisky, the palate again is not too complex like the nose, but what it does have is commendable.

The Jura Superstition is a nice whisky, nothing truly staggering if I'm honest and I wouldn't pay more than £25 for a bottle. However, the fact you can grab it for a mere £23 is a very good deal, and it would also make a very nice startin point into the world of peated whiskies, as the flavours and scents are not too overpowering.

I say get yourself down to ASDA and pick up a bottle at a cracking price.

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