Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Perfect for Summer Adventures: Bicycle Wine Holder

I love the idea of cycling somewhere pretty in the sunshine, with a basket full of goodies and some chilled vino ready to sip under a tree with a good book and even better company.

Oopsmark are a Canadian company that clearly share my vision: they create beautiful tan leather wine holders for bikes, which they sell on their very popular Etsy store.

If you've got a one inch bike frame you can pick up an Oopsmark bike wine holder for £22.24 with £7.20 postage (not bad for all the way from Montreal), in tan, brown or black.

They also do identical versions of the bike wine holder in "multi-size" so don't worry if your bike is too chunky for the one inch version, and they're only three quid pricier.

I love the antique brass fasteners, and the good news is the leather is oil-treated and durable in all weather - so it's perfectly suited to our rather changeable Great British Summer.

The ride home might be interesting though...


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