Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mouthwatering Moscato; Perfect Party Starter

As our new best friend Mother Nature continues to send glorious sunshine and balmy afternoons our way, it's the perfect time to embrace one of my favourite summer tipples - Moscato. Usually lower in alcohol (5-8%), spritzy and fragrant, it's the perfect daytime drinker, and tends to be popular among new wine lovers with its delicate and fruity style. The delicate bubbles, surprise sweetness and light body are enough to woo and win over many an unsuspecting palate - I dare you!

Produced from the Moscato grape, this light-bodied sweetie is often labeled simply as Moscato, or if it's born and bred in Italy's Northwest region of Piedmont, in the town of Asti, it's seen sporting its full name of Moscato d'Asti. If you're not already hooked from the first whiff of orange blossom, honeysuckle and peach, you'll be sure to be dazzled by the fruit-forward palate profile of crushed apples, ripe peaches and grapes. Yes, this is a wine where you can actually say that the wine tastes like, well...grapes!

Moscato needs to be served well chilled and with its sweet flavour profile is downright delicious with desserts. Try Moscato d'Asti, 2012, Elio Perrone at £7.50 from The Wine Society - most delicious I have tried and perfect with profiteroles, apple tart or crepes suzette. At just 5% alcohol it's a responsible (yes, we can be!) and light way to finish a meal. It also makes for an uncomplicated aperitif - tried and tested many times, I might add.

An Aussie favourite is the Brown Brother's Moscato, currently at £10.00 per bottle from Tesco Wine by the Case. Matthew Jukes says of the 2011 vintage; "This cheeky white is one of Australia’s bestselling wines. The formula involves ripe, tropical fruit notes, a dash of grapey sweetness and a gentle spritz on the palate. It’s delicious served ice-cold." Voted by Dan Murphy's customers (Dan Murphy's is a huge alcohol superstore in Australia) as one of the top 100 products of 2012, is a delightful reminder of warmer months with its aromas of musk and freshly crushed grapes.

For fresh summer fruit salads, fresh berries or juicy watermelon try Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Mosacto, 2012, also from The Wine Society, at £7.95 per bottle. This effervescent, fun, salmon pink Moscato has been sold at Wirra Wirra’s cellar door for years and now we can finally buy it in the UK - woohoo!! For me, this is simply summer in a glass, and at just 4.5% it is perfectly uncomplicated and designed for sunny afternoons with friends. Ever one for something different, I am loving the closure on this one - no classic cork, no safe, sassy screw cap, but a crown seal - totally South Australian!

Here at Vinspire, we love nothing more that a cheeky tipple with friends, so yes, we will be cracking open a bottle over the weekend - Mother Nature, please be kind!


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