Sunday, 14 July 2013

Geek Drinks: Tru Blood Drink

So we're eagerly awaiting , and I'm pretty sure all the True Blood fans in the UK are dying to know what happens.

Well, I haven't seen it, but I'm pretty confident when I tell you there was lots and lots of horny vampires, some messed-up vampire humping, unlikely spooky locations, and all kinds of vampire problems. Oh, and some blood. Definitely some blood.

So if you can't wait to watch it, maybe you'd like to fantasise that you're in it? Of course you do.

Mmm, sexy vampires.

Enter: the Tru Blood Drink from Firebox. The bottle is an exact replica of the blood-alternative featured in the show, except obviously it's not blood inside, or there'd probably be complaints.

No, it's a carbonated blood-orange drink with a hell of a lot of red food colouring (so not suitable for vegetarians, although I can't imagine they're a huge fan of the show.)

A pack of four Tru Blood Drinks is £24.99 from Firebox. We're afraid it doesn't come with a sexy vampire, but then... vampires don't exist.

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