Monday, 1 July 2013

Geek Booze: TV & Music Legends Get Their Own Wine & Beer

- By Sam Green 

We recently brought you the news that Downton Abbey are to be releasing a range of wine. We here at Vinspire HQ (the pub) found this to be so exciting that we almost lost all our street cred entirely, but then we started looking into things and discovered this isn't the only TV show booze.

From the grandeur of Downton in the quaint English countryside to the meth labs of Albuquerque, New Mexico: much loved gritty US drama Breaking Bad is being honoured for it's final episode with a beer by Marble Brewery. Based in the Albuquerque themselves (and having made an appreance once or twice) Marble are announcing India Black Ale Heisenberg's Dark.

Breaking Bad isn't the only TV extraordinaire to have it's own beverages. Springfield devotees are able to sit on the couch slurping Duff while watching Americas greatest chimp moments. A case of 24 Duff beers is available from Firebox for £24.99.

Game of Thrones are even getting in on the act with a partnership between HBO, the shows producers, and Ommegang brewery in New York. The two brews that have been announced so far are Iron Throne, a blonde ale with citrus notes a nice honied finish, and Take The Black Stout (soon to be released in the Autumn), full of chocolate and caramel flavours darker than a winter North of The Wall. Unfortunately both the Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones beers will only be available in the US to begin with, but as soon as we get wind of it coming to the UK, we'll let you know.

Still not satisfied? What if I told you that some of the worlds greatest bands have inspired a range of vino that, quite literally, Rocks! The good people over at Wines That Rock are compiling a wine list featuring the likes of The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead. So far, five wines have been produced, but the three that are definitely worth a mention are as follows:

There's the Forty Licks Merlot, a classic grape variety that, like The Stones, has developed well over the years. There's also The Dark Side of The Moon Cabernet Sauvignon, a complex wine that when discovered will take you to new heights and transport you to places you've never been. And finally The Woodstock Chardonnay: an eclectic mix of fruits that has no oak presence so it can truly let it's freak flag fly! Each bottle retails at £17.99 and they're all available from Great Wine Online.

So once again, the TV, music and booze geek inside me is satisfied. I personally can't wait to be sat in a overalls and a gas mask, sipping down a Heisenberg Dark.

Are there any shows you think should get their own booze? Let us know in the comments.

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