Wednesday, 10 July 2013

IT'S SO DAMN HOT - Freddy's Summer Wine Picks

There are only a handful of times when it is okay to drink from morning through to night in a weekday. One is if it's a bank holiday, the other is if its a birthday or wedding. The final excuse for all-day, mid-week drinking is if the weather is really really hot.

At the moment, the weather is hot enough that this sort of behaviour is totally ok. In-fact, if you aren't constantly tipsy when the sun is out, then you are either ill or boring.*
*Ahem, drink responsibly, yeah?

So here are some of my favourite things to drink when the sun is shining:

Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde 2012Vinho Verde is a real summer favourite of mine. It's zesty, crisp acidity and spritzy feel on the palate make it ideal for glugging in the sun. Literally meaning 'Green Wine', Vinho Verde is an amazingly refreshing white wine from Portugal. The Quinta de Azevedo is packed full of tropical and citrus fruit flavours. It is great on it's own but if you happen to be throwing some fish on the BBQ then this one is ideal. Drink in large quantities and often.
Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde 2012 is available at Majestic for £7.99 or £5.99 if you buy two bottles.

Carmenere Rosé 2011 Pacifico Sur
Rosé is the obvious choice for a lot of people when the sun is out but sadly a lot of the rosé folks pick up off the shelf at the supermarket is thin and doesn't taste of much.
Pacifico Sur's Carmenere Rosé is incredible value and packed full of flavour. A little darker in colour than you might be used to but that reflects in the taste, which is loaded with red fruit and a nice kick of spice, making it a really mouth-watering wine. Amazing with tapas type foods, especially good with salamis and hams so perfect for when you are picking at food outside.
Pacifico Sur Carmenere Rosé is available from Yorkshire Vintners for £5.94 - currently on offer until the end of July.

Julienas 2012 Le Carjot, Beaujolais
Beaujolais is a favourite of mine and as a cru, Julienas is one that I think gets overlooked way too often. This wine is 100% Gamay, it is light and full of juicy fruit flavours. Red wines seem to stay in the cupboard when the sun is out and the consumption of white and rosé rockets up but if you stick this red in the fridge for 20 minutes before drinking it, the refreshing acidity really comes through, making this perfect for drinking in the heat. This is also a great one for your BBQ as it will go with a very wide range of flavours in food, from ripe tomato to burgers and sausages.
Julienas 2012 Le Carjot, Beaujolais is available from Adnams for £10.99 per bottle.

If you are really wanting to make the most of it being a propper british summer (3 days long and humid) you should get yourself a bottle of English fizz. How about a taste of Matt's Breaky Bottom?

Are you BBQing in the summer sun? What's your tipple? Tell us by commenting below or on our twitter and facebook pages.


  1. Oh, Quinta de Azevedo is one of my faaaave summer wines! Also with reds I completely love El Tesoro Monastrell-Shiraz, which is now The Society's Southern Spanish Red at The Wine Society. It's about a fiver and just TOO EASY to drink!

  2. I second Laura here, some great choices here Freddie! Perfect for Summer Sloshes!!

  3. I ALSO second Laura. Good work team!