Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Epic Oversized Champagne Cork Stools & Homewares!

To say these products are frivolous, arguably garish, and out of our price range anyway... well, that would be the sensible view. And we don't often take the sensible view on Vinspire, so I'm going to show you these amazing things anyway.

The Wine Journal are based in Cheltenham, and are most famous for (clue's in the name) their wine journal. It's massive and red, and a bit like the This Is Your Life for wine lovers.

They also, however, make a range of cork-shaped homewares that are frankly brilliant (in a mental, I shouldn't like them but I do way):

Pictured above is a giant champagne cork stool. I wish there was a better word than stool, because all I can think of is some sort of medical sample, but basically you can chill out with a glass of the good stuff while your delicate derriere is perched on a stool in the shape of a champagne cork. HOW BRILLIANT. It also comes as a side table (although I think they're basically the same thing by a different name?) and both retail at £120 at Hurn & Hurn.

If you get no kicks from Champagne, you may like the Bordeaux wine cork stool instead. It's currently on offer at a mere £100 from Notonthehighstreet, and also doubles as the side table and a brilliant "now where's that giant bottle of Champagne?" joke that will remain funny for years and years and years.

Yes I know the picture is almost exactly the same as the others. The point is these are smaller, apparently.

Back to Champagne though (because why wouldn't you?) there are also a range of smaller giant champagne corks, such as a Champagne cork door stopper for £45 direct from The Wine Journal. Perfect for the most showy-offy of doors. I love it.

Lastly, check out the champagne cork wine cooler. We showed you al fresco dining treats yesterday, and this would be the ultimate statement. It says "LOOK AT ME. I can afford a champagne cork as an ice bucket. But now I'm so skint the bottle I'm chilling is some Lambrusco." Anyway, so worth it. It's £44.90 (an important 10p cheaper than the door stopper) from NotOnTheHighStreet.

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