Monday, 29 July 2013

Drinking Games: Corkers Wine Game

Hands up if you're a wine geek? Yeah, quite a few of our readers fit comfortably under this dorky, slightly tipsy umbrella, and every one of our writers very much have the t-shirt as well.

Being a geek is brilliant, but so often wine geekery isn't appreciated in the same way as the other geekery. Sometimes, you just need some merchandise that puts your geek knowledge to good use for once, and brings your equally ridiculous friends together. There's nothing quite like being able to prove you know a whole load of stuff most people don't know, nor do they really wish to know, but that makes you feel like a boss.

A total wine fanatic has come up with Corkers, a new wine game that I was lucky enough to receive a cheeky sample of and that kept my drunk friends and I amused over the weekend.

The aim of the game is to own as many vineyards as you can (much like monopoly properties, you earn money when people land on your vineyard) and to evict the other players from their vineyards, which you do by answering wine questions. Each vineyard is worth a certain number of grapes. It's BLOODY BRILLIANT.

The counters are adorable little wine barrels, and the fantasy currency is 'vinos', fines of which you have to pay the banker (who in this game is called - get it - a negociant!) when you get questions wrong.

It really is marvellous, although some of the questions range from being ridiculously easy to being much harder than even seasoned winos could answer, so we're not sure they've got the balance quite right. That said, we do probably know more than the average wine geek as we're all working in the industry, so for most people you'd be playing AND LEARNING at the same time.

You can buy the game directly from their website, but you can also get it from their Amazon store - either way, it'll set you back £27.50 (unfortunately, you cannot pay in grapes or vinos - we've checked.)
We seriously urge you to grab one of these for much drunken shenanigans, it's pretty much the best thing we've ever played.

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