Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dream Decanter: Surprisingly Cheap but Stylish Decanters

A few weeks back, I brought you the utmost in silliness when it comes to weird and wonderful decanters.

Yes, duck and globe and skull and heart decanters are awesome (and so were Toasted Glass' hand-painted decanters, now we come to think of it) but sometimes you just want something a bit chic and understated. Something that says "I know what I'm doing and no this decanter doesn't contain Sainsbury's own Cotes du Rhone" (even though it totally does.)

So I've searched high and low to find you some seriously pretty decanters. Ones you could use in front of your new boyfriend's parents or your boss or your old headmaster (although what were you THINKING inviting him over in the first place?! He had a DEATH STARE!)

Anyway, here goes. Pretty, pretty decanters, over half of which are under £15. No, really.

Let's start with BHS. I know no one shops there any more, but when they're selling this timeless Opera crystal decanter for just £15, we probably should be. It's lovely.

House of Fraser aren't normally known for their value for money, but this gorgeous little Shabby Chic decanter has an antique silver finish, is sparkly, AND is a bloody ridiculous £14.40. Say whaaaaat?

Have you ever heard of Muazo? I haven't. And all this time I've been missing out on Centellino wine decanter for £32.99. It's handmade in Florence, and decants one glass of wine perfectly so you don't have to aerate the entire bottle if you aren't going to use it.

Okay, at £55, this Da Vinci decanter from John Lewis is the most expensive one we're listing. It's just too pretty not to feature. All lithe and stunning cut crystal, and actually that's not a bad price when you consider plenty of LSA decanters are way above that.

Speaking of LSA, however, have a gander at this very lovely LSA ONO decanter from Cream Supplies. It's mouthblown (cheeky) and I just love the big hole design that will make it striking and easy to pour. Win, and actually only £46.98.

Okay, how about something much cheaper and still super clever? The Sagaform Round Base Carafe has an ingenious wobbly bottom meaning as well as providing endless hours of entertainment at boring dinner parties, it also gently aerates the wine when you spin it. For some reason, Adnams are only selling it for £14.29. Mental.

Now, this is both stylish and functional: a 4-in-1 carafe and shot glass set from Debenhams. Also made by Sagaform, it's plain but still pretty enough to include a lovely stopper and colourful shot glasses, and it's only £16. I want one NOW!

Lastly, we thought we'd end with the cheapest of the bunch. Another timeless-look decanter, Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Glass Cut Decanter from Amazon for £11.90. ELEVEN QUID NINETY!! You really can't ask fairer than that unless you want to try fashioning a decanter out of cardboard, and good luck with that, because I've already tried it and it doesn't work.

Which of these smart-priced decanters catches your eye? Tell us in the comments, why don't you?

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