Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Best In Class- Chairman's Reserve Rum

The International Wine and Spirit Award medals have been handed out for another year. On this wave of endorsements was washed fortune for myself, in the opportunity to sample Chairman's Reserve.

Hailing from St. Lucia and named for the fact the then chairman (Laurie Barnard) oversaw the original blending, Chairman's is ever-present on the awards scene. Winning golds and silvers galore across their range, even the Rum Trophy this year for their Forgotten Casks rum, it is certain that there has to be something behind the hype. 

The nose is warm and heavy with notes of vanilla and dried, honeyed fruit. The sweeter aspects lead the way, this rum is almost like a perfume at points with nuts and spice coming through later after the first sugary hit.

On the palate there are much the same notes as on the nose, with fruit, some spice and also slightly creamy. Neat, I wouldn't call this a sipping rum and as they say themselves; Chairman's reserve is a great base for cocktails. This rum has a bit of heat to it on it's own, however, I agree with the fact that this rum would be better over ice. Yet, once I added the mixer this rum truly came to life. Once mixed the flavours seemed to pop all the more with all the heat gone they had a real chance to shine.

I personally see this as a premium mixing rum, one of the best in it's class. This rum really excels once mixed and I can't think of a finer cocktail rum. It is (Or very recently was) the perfect weather for fruity alfresco Caribbean concoctions and as such I suggest you pick up a bottle yourself.

Chairman's Reserve is available at Sainsbury's for £20 or The Whisky Exchange for £18.95 

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