Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Viognier, You Saucy Devil

Yet again, Waitrose has done me proud.
I'm pretty sceptical about buying wine in the supermarkets generally but Waitrose is one of only a couple that seem to get it right. So I headed there to pick up a bottle of something nice.

I've been on the white wine lately, I've given up on the whole 'drink to suit the weather' thing and I got a bottle of Laurent Miquel Nocturnes Viognier, which is from the south of France. As I mentioned in a previous post where I suggested some great wines under £6, the south of France is a real hotspot for value.

Although this Viognier is normally £8.49 it's currently on special offer at £6.35, which is good news for us folk who like decent booze but resent having to pay full whack for it.

Viognier is one that divides people, which is a good thing because pleasing everyone is boring. I once heard the variety be described as a bit of an 'over-familiar, busty barmaid', Which I totally understand because Viognier very rarely holds back, it is quite upfront and leaves nobody guessing. Complexity is often limited but there is bucketloads of flavour. If you imagine Sancerre as being the beautiful lady in a red dress, Viognier is 'buxom' and wearing a short denim skirt and leather jacket, with a questionable red mark on her neck. Her boyfriend is probably a biker and would beat you to a pulp if he knew she had her hand in your pants... Not that I'm complaining. so I sat back and popped the cork on the Viognier. So to speak...

This Laurent Miquel Viognier is overflowing with floral aromas, just what Viognier is famous for. You can practically pick up on the smells from arms length, the naughty naughty wine is just desperate to get out of the glass and into your mouth. All when you have only just met. Filthy.

On the palate, the floral notes continue but then comes lots of delicious stone fruit flavours. It's quite a big wine at 13% but there is plenty acidity, which keeps it feeling nice and fresh.

This is definitely a luscious wine, perfect if you don't tend to like oaked whites. Excellent when served with white meat dishes.

If you want an experience that you may or may not to want to brag to your friends about, get over to Waitrose online and pick up a bottle of the Laurent Miquel Nocturnes Viognier while the offer lasts because it's a goodun. If you don't mind being fondled in the mouth, this one is totally for you.

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