Friday, 21 June 2013

Freddy's Under £6 Wine Picks

Since I seem to have mainly written about rather expensive wines so far for Vinspire; Saskia, Fierce Allure and three very pricey Champagnes, I thought I best return to the real world and write about some wines that real life, every day, normal folk can afford. Sorry Prince Harry if you are reading, this one's not for you.

Nine times out of ten, when you go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of wine, you're not wanting to spend a great amount of money, something around the £6 mark seems to be the favourite. However, you are only human, so you are obviously wanting the best bottle of wine in the world. For £6.

My top tip for value is usually to head to either the Chilean section of the wine isle, or the south of France, as both these regions offer amazing value for money, especially at a lower price.
It's pretty much fact that you aren't going to find anything truly outstanding at this level but thats not to say you can't find some really nice, easy drinking wines. Perfect for drinking with friends or just because you have nothing else to do...

so here are my sub £6 picks:

Cuvée Richard 2012 Blanc, France
This is a blend of Ugni Blanc & Columbard,
fvaourite grapes of budget white wine producers,
along with a bit of Sauvignon Blanc. at 11.5%

this is anything but heavy. A delicious, zesty,
medium-dry white with a good amount of fruit
flavours thrown in for good measure.
Available from Majestic for £5.49

Trusty Chardonnay; hated by most buyers
of budget wine, although this is a real shame
as the variety has so much to offer. Don't let
the fact that you puked at your friends 16th 
birthday-party after necking a bottle of dirty
Chardonnay put you off, as doesn't all taste
the same.   Chile's Central Valley, where
this Chardonnay comes from, is famous for
producing great wines for next to nothing,
so you can't go far wrong. Available for
£5.99 from Adnams

M&S have come up trumps on this one;
a relatively low alcohol (10%) rosé from
South Africa. This is an off-dry style and
very fruit driven. No oak has been used
in this at all so it is a lovely clean style
which would be perfect for enjoying with
friends in the sunshine.
This vibrant pink rosé is available from
Marks & Spencer for £5.99

Waitrose has a great selection of wines as it is,
so if you are stuck with what to buy, head to
Waitrose as you won't be able to go too far wrong.
With more Masters of Wine on board than any
other supermarket, you can bet that even the cheapest
of their wines will be excellent value for money. This
red from the Marche region of italy is full of juicy red fruit
flavours and is (dangerously) easy drinking.
Moncaro Rosso is available from Waitrose for £5.59

This is a real bargain to be found in Asda at
the moment. Jo has already written about the
wines from Cono Sur before, so we know
that it's decent stuff! Although easily distracted
by sunglasses, Jo knows her onions. Carmenere
is a grape variety that originated from the Medoc
area of Bordeaux but has really found its fame in
Chile, where it makes delicious full bodied reds.
This is something for your Malbec and Shiraz
drinkers but I think its one that is really hard for
anyone to dislike. The Cono Sur Carmenere is
available from Asda for just £5.00 so grab a bottle
before it all disappears.

Have you got a favourite sub £6 bottle? We would love to know about it either here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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