Thursday, 27 June 2013

Single Malt Savings: Laphroaig 10yr

This week it's another great deal from Waitrose - those guys are really looking out for all the malt heads out there. Laphroaig 10yr (that's laff-royg) is a fiver off at £28.50 at Waitrose and well worth a go at that price.

I've honestly never tried any of the big peated whiskies before, but it's not everyday that you are able to drink something by royal appointment to the Prince of Wales and this is the only whisky to be conferred such an honour.

Laphroaig describe this whisky as the most distinct out of all the scotch whiskies and many drinkers seem to agree. Funnily enough, during prohibition this whisky was actually sold in pharmacies in the US as a medicinal tonic
with authorities believing it was too foul for anyone to want to drink. Nowadays this whisky is available the world over and if you join up on Laphroaig's website you will be allocated a 1 foot plot at the distillery that pays out 1 dram a year in rent!

The nose on this whisky is big - as in huge, I'm talking "your mama" territory. I poured this whisky and could smell it half way across the room - Laphroaig really has a big old schnoz.

This whisky is full of smoke and the sea conjuring up images for me of wintry beach bonfires down in Cornwall. There is also a sizeable medicinal quality to it which is common with the peatier drams. The Laphroaig is a whisky that at first stings the nostrils, but it really is glorious in its complexity and the pictures it drags into your mind's eye.

The marine notes dominate at first on the palate with a nice amount of spice in there as well. The main drive behind this is the smoke, salt and medicinal qualities, but some fruity sweetness does come through. This has a wonderful mouth-fill, coating the tongue nicely, lasting an age and with a huge depth of flavour that it will take many winter evenings to get a hold of.

This is a legendary whisky, one that truly stands out and is a must-try. I would say that this is likely more of a masculine whisky and is not one for beginners, but it leaves a real impression. Adding a touch of water will really bring different notes out in this whisky, it's almost 2 for 1.

Pick up a bottle for £28.50 from Waitrose

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