Tuesday, 18 June 2013

La Vie en Rose: Katie Jones Recovery Rosé.

Earlier this year we told you of the horrible news to affect Anglo-Franc oenologist and good friend of Vinspire, Katie Jones, founder of the award winning Domaine Jones. Some toe rags broke into her winery and opened the taps on her vats of 2012 grenache gris just days before bottling. I know right? Bastards! Since hearing the news, the wine community have reacted with a fantastic show of support, with the 2013 vintage already on back order (and with good reason, it's going to be flippin' marvellous). Today, we bring you even more good news! The lovely people over at The House Wine are helping out by bringing Katies' new 'recovery' range to the UK.

The House Wine are a web based company who strive to broaden horizons and bring more interesting bottles to our attention. They look at innovative producers and those who really want to bring a bit of change to the industry, whether that be through biodynamic production or other methods that just make you go, 'oooooh'.

As of Mid-June, (so...pretty much now) The House Wine are introducing this Rosé, very aptly named, 'Apres La Pluie, Le Beau Temps' or Sunshine After The Rain to those of us who haven't mastered the French Tongue. Awww.  Made from 100% Grenache from the Languedoc region, it's beautiful crispness and dry finish are perfect for whiling away the summer evening hours (or lack thereof). At £9.50 a bottle from The House Wine (or £54 per case of six plus a fiver delivery from Domaine Jones' website), you're not only getting a damn decent bottle of vino, but you'll also be helping out one of Britains' greatest exports, a talented winemaker whose enthusiasm is only outshone by the quality of her efforts.


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