Monday, 17 June 2013

Hanson release Mmmhops beer: NO REALLY

So, Hanson are releasing a beer called Mmmhops. Yes. This is actually a thing.

Once you've shaken off your utter disbelief and stopped singing Mmmbop in your head (who are we kidding, that NEVER happens), you might be interested to know it is a Pale Ale which is being brewed in their home state of Oklahoma by the Mustang Brewing Company.

It isn't on the market yet - they're just finalising the recipe, apparently, although I can't imagine the lads are doing this personally - but when it is, I'm pretty sure I am going to be purchasing a curiosity-bottle along with pretty much everyone else in the world, so it's bound to be a sellout.

The nice thing is, the official Mmmhops website has some merchandise you can already buy (it's basically just a glass and a t-shirt at this stage) and all the proceeds are going to help the Oklahoma tornado recovery efforts. It's the loveliest thing to happen because of beer since it stopped men getting cholera in 1854 because they drank it instead of water.

Are you looking to get your Hanson (get it? Hands on?) some Mmmhops? Or would you just like me to stop making god-awful jokes now? Either way, we'll let you know as soon as it's released. Until then, you can follow Mmmhops on Twitter.

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