Wednesday, 12 June 2013

No Krug 2012? Here's 3 Better Value Alternatives!

Earlier this week, Krug announced that they weren't releasing a 2012 vintage. There was widespread panic as the world population went into meltdown at this horrible news. WOAH THERE! Everybody just calm down! It's not like Krug is the one and only! Don't get me wrong, this isn't a Krug-bashing piece. I recently had the supreme pleasure of tasting Krug for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and yes it is absolutely superb. It has all the hallmarks of a great fizz and a wonderful elegance about it, But is it really worth that £120ish price tag?

Like Dom Perignon and Moet & Chandon, Krug has unfortunately become a brand rather than a champagne house. Today I want to take you by the cyber-hand and lead you through some alternative champagnes that are available to everyone at wallet friendly prices, and not just the super-mega-awesome rich.

For one thing, £120ish is the most basic cuvee that Krug produce. It's just their 'everyday' Non Vintage (NV) that they pump out every year. For half the price, You can get your thirsty little mits on one of these absolute beauties.

Bollinger Grande Annee 1999.
I know right! 1999! This was made when Boyzone ruled the charts and 'WAZZUUUPP!!' was cool. I'm joking, that was never cool. This bubbly beauty has a gorgeous nose of green apple and toasted almonds and has that unmistakable biscuity finish that we've come to know and love from champers. What sets it apart ,however, is it's phenomenally balanced palate and glamourous finesse. At £65 from selected Tesco stores, it's not exactly your everyday bottle. So save it for a special occassion like an anniversary dinner, or as a buffer for when you accidentally trash the house or run over your neighbours cat.

Still can't stretch to the Bolly? Have no fear, Roger is here! Pol Roger I mean. Hailed as being a classic example of champagne, Pol Rogers rich, nutty flavours have been delighting audiences since 1849. It even captured the taste buds of Sir Winston Churchill and it's the current supplier of bubbles to a little place in London known as Buckhingham Palace. If The Queen approves, then you know it's good! At £37 from The Wine Society, it's a steal! Seriously, I nearly got banged up in Pentonville!

If you're looking for something even more economical but still with the wow factor, then stagger on down to Majestic, where Heidsieck Goldtop 2007 is only £20 a bottle. 'That's crazy!' I hear you say (yes, I can hear you through the internet). A vintage champagne for that price is not only a head turner, it's a flippin' miracle! It's not just a pocket pleaser, it's also a fantastic palate pleaser! Its soft, creamy feel in the mouth is complemented by notes of waxy citrus and vanilla.

A wise man once told me (actually it was Steve in Commercial) that Krug will make any occassion special; but this is true of all champagne. So don't get sucked in by flashy prices, it really is dead simple to get a decent bottle that won't leave you crying into your empty wallet.

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