Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Geek Glasses: Game of Thrones Goblets

Those Americans are a clever bunch. Not only do they create unmissable, oh-god-I'm-just-going-to-lay-on-my-kitchen-floor-eating-butter-until-the-next-episode types of TV series for us, and then when we're in between series they sell us brilliant novelty merchandise.

They're already selling Tru Blood, and now you can get your mitts on some specially commissioned exact replica goblets from Game of Thrones! They're made by the exact same guy that makes the ones featured in the actual series, so you're pretty much bringing it to life.

Now you too can have a feast in which something unspeakably terrible happens, or get naked a lot, or not really follow the book, or whatever else happens in this controversial, much-loved series.

Game of Thrones aside, these are rather pretty little glasses. They come in two shades, creatively titled sunset yellow or sunset red (how DID they think them up?) and I think they'd look rather fetching anyway.

The one downside is I do think you have to be a bit of an uber-fan to buy them: the going rate for Game of Thrones goblets appear to be £36.99 each. But they're actual Game of Thrones memorabilia, and they're sold by The Fowndry, a site we thoroughly love,  so we totally forgive them.

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