Thursday, 6 June 2013

Drinks Games: Whisky and Wine Top Trumps

Beer pong? Spin the bottle? Ring of fire? God you guys, you are SO last year. I mean, I wouldn't been seen dead playing them.

Well, okay, really it's because they make me vommy and I'm scared of them.

So imagine my delight - as a total booze geek who's not man enough to play real drinking games - to discover my idea of nerd heaven: booze-related Top Trumps!

Wine Top Trumps

Those of you who are happy winos and know it can CLAP YOUR HANDS because The Wine Adventurer has created Wine Trumps. Creator Francis Gimblett reckons he's found the top 34 wines in the world, and the game ranks them in terms of vineyard size, rarity, price, production quantities, date established and the earliest vintage that is still drinking now.

This game will be epically fun for anyone with a passion for wine and OF COURSE you have to drink your finest bottle while you play it. That way, the game pretty much comes to life. The Vinspire team are going to spend many a long night around a table clutching these cards in our hands in epic battles to the death. Or maybe battles for the last glass of booze... it depends how out of hands things get.

A pack of Wine Top Trumps cards are £5.99 from Wine Gift Centre.

Whisky Top Trumps

Oh em gee, someone get Hugo a pack of these now. 36 cards, with many a classic, top-end and rare single malt being bandied about for your gaming pleasure. Ranked by age, alcoholic strength, and rarity among others, we are getting thirsty just looking at it.

This was created by The Whisky Tasting Company and is available from the very Scottish, very brilliant Angels Whisky Club in Perth. They're selling Whisky Top Trumps for £5.99 with £3.50 postage worldwide, but we reckon if you're UK-based and email them they may be able to negotiate a lower postage rate.

Apparently, there are also versions of Ale Top Trumps, however we can't find a UK stockist anywhere (BOO YOU, UK!) - we live in hope, and are also on the lookout for cocktail top trumps and gin top trumps, if anyone would care to create such wondrous things.


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