Monday, 24 June 2013

Drinking Games: Vintage Port BOARDGAME?

We've brought you whisky and wine top trumps, we've bought you wine-opoly, but never did we expect to find a Port board game.

And yet when perusing the website of Niepoort (who made the fabulous Alice in Wonderland Ports we told you about) I was staggered to stumble across a Vintage Port board game they've created for hardcore Port geeks. The basic idea of the game is to learn how to make Port in Portugal's Douro Valley, and become as legendary (in your own head) as the Niepoorts themselves.

Unlike the silliness of wine-opoly, this is a real learn-as-you-play game: you have to plant vineyards, grow grapes, transport them to your winery, produce and age the port and then sell it. The person with the most VP (Vintage Points!) at the end is crowned the winner.  Perfect for Grandfathers or total nerds like me.

You can't buy the Vintage Port game in this country it seems (boo!) but you can import it from Mesa Games. If you're paying by credit card or Paypal as opposed to bank transfer, it costs just over 55 Euros in total making it a little over £45, but as a gift for the right person I think it's totally worth it.

Is this a step too far into geekery in my booze game quest? Quite possibly. But I feel all the happier for knowing this sort of thing exists.

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