Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dream Decanter AND Classy Glasses: Hand-painted Designs from Toasted Glass

Too many people forget the wonder that is Etsy, and all it's magnificent Indie designers selling their unique and made-with-real-love wares.

Obviously what you choose to put IN the glass is more important, but I'm still bloody fussy about my glassware collection, and am more than a bit fond of the novelty/can't get it anywhere else/oh look what I can show off when my friends come over stuff.

Well, Toasted Glass on Etsy has all of the above in spades. The beautiful hand-painted glassware comes courtesy of Monique Low from Chelmsford, who is a very clever girl indeed.

That peacock decanter above? It's £63. I WANT IT SO BAD. If I don't get it, though, I would happily settle for the black lace decanter (also £63), the white bees decanter (£48, but it comes with a matching wine glass! Bargain!), or the simply gorgeous poppy decanter that has just made my day (and it's only thirty quid. THIRTY!)

This is by far the tip of a very large, pretty, hand-painted iceberg: they also do fabulous Champagne flutes with FLAMINGOES ON THEM OMG I CAN'T EVEN. They're £20, and they also do peacock ones for £38.

We told you about their cocktail glasses a few weeks ago, but they've got tons more designs that we can't get enough of: my favourites are the butterfly cocktail glasses for £24 a pair. The colours!

"How about shot glasses?" I hear you cry (in my mind.) Well, they do tons of them too. The babushka ones (£20 for 4) are colourful and quirky, but LOVEHEARTS SHOT GLASSES?! I'm so, so sold. And they're £20 for six. Let me at 'em.

Lastly, their tumblers. Too often tumblers are forgotten about but a G&T or a Tom Collins in a jaunty-looking glass could easily make my day. The whole range is crazy good (look! look!) but just check out the Zap! Pow! comic book tumblers (£15 the pair). How much do you crave these? Hands off, they're mine.

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