Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Celebrities and Wine: Red Carpets, Shin Pads & Bling.

It seems increasing popular these days for celebrities to be getting involved with wine production. Brangelina (yeah, I said it) have their feet rooted firmly in Provence in partnership with the Perrin family at Chateau Miraval. The Hollywood couple have been heavily involved in the blending and design of their product, making sure that it not only looks good, but tastes good too. Chateau Miraval is available from Berry Bros & Rudd for the not so Hollywood price of £18.95.

From Hollywood, to the streets! Many in the Hip Hop game are becoming more involved in the promotion of wine with Moscato fast becoming the new Cristal. Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Drake pay tribute to the elegantly floral and spritzy beverage in various tracks. Moscato, remarkably, is the only wine that actually tastes like what it was made from...grapes! It's floral, sappy, elegant, and comes in a range of prices that start from pleasingly low.

It seems strange that these icons of frivolity and superfluous cash have gone from the highest end of the price range to a drink that is for all intents and purposes, a very cheap and simple wine. I suppose in the current financial situation, even the flyest gotta save those dolla dolla bills y'all! Fo' Sheezy.
My Moscato recommendation has to be Perrone Elio Moscato d'Asti from The Wine Society for the true Italian style. However, keep an eye out for Brazilian Moscato in the next year or so. Brazil is going to be HUGE!

Then there's Ron Jeremy with his face on a rum bottle. Thank God it's just his face!

Now here's one that really get's my taste buds tingling. A coming together of two of my most favourite things in this world.

What do footballers usually do after they retire from the beautiful game? Most will take up a coaching role or go into TV punditry with varying results (good move Gary Neville; Mark Lawrenson, please get off my screen). One man in Italy however, sees himself taking a rather different route. Andrea Pirlo, a man who has left many a England fan sullen and deflated, will be hoping to transfer his skills of visionary passing, into precision oenology.

His vineyard lies in Brescia, in the northern Lombardy region of Italy. Pratum Coller, which is a family owned business, currently produces a white made from Trebbiano, a rose and two reds made from a whole host of different grape varieties and are currently producing between 15,000 and 20,000 bottles a year. Though not currently available in the UK, L'Archietto hopes to expand production and bring his familys wines much more attention when he finally takes off his boots.

Pirlo truly is one of footballs modern greats, having hoisted a number of trophies including the UEFA Champions League, Serie A and The World Cup. Let's hope he'll soon be lifting an IWC trophy in years to come!

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