Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Travel Exclusive: The Balvenie Triple Cask 12yr

Well, it's around this time of year that all intrepid globetrotters start to flee our isle, forsaken with another disappointing summer to visit warmer climes. Modern travel has opened countless possibilities in experiencing different culture, nature and most importantly booze.

In a never-ending struggle to make airports the ultimate retail experience (he says rolling his eyes) World of Duty Free and World of Whiskies are bringing in more and more travel exclusive whisky (he says his eyes lighting up mischievously). My dearest Mama was off on a well earned hol recently and so of course I sent her off with a shopping list. She procured for me the Balvenie Trip. Cask (get it? trip, triple?), I think I may keep her after all.

This Balvenie, like the Doublewood is matured in various stages, in three different casks; sherry, bourbon and whisky. The maturation in the different barrels imparts different flavours and aspects to the whisky and adds characteristics of each of those different spirits.

The nose is very fruity and floral, green fruits, vanilla and honey abound. It's not a huge robust nose but really nicely refined with spice, sweet notes and some oak coming through as well.

On the palate it is full of body, the spice comes through immediately with honey and caramel developing and then receding, allowing the spice to take the lead again. After my first little taste I did add a drop of water as the 12yr is a little fiery. However, this is most definitely a wonderfully tasting whisky with the spice, sweetness and wood all balanced perfectly with a good length.

This is a lovely whisky and although the price may seem a little steep at £49.99, remember that there is a bit more work going into this than in the standard Doublewood. Not only is there more work involved, but you also get a full litre instead of 70cl which is almost an extra 3rd in the bottle. I highly suggest that if you are of on holiday or know someone that is, that you beg, guilt and call in favours so they get you a bottle.

Pick up a bottle from any of the large UK international airports from World of Duty Free or World of Whiskies. You can check availability before you arrive.

UPDATE: You can now also buy this elsewhere at the higher price - for instance, The Whisky Exchange sells Balvenie Triple Cask 12yr for £69.95


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