Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Rum With Length (ahem!) - Ron de Jeremy Rum

In this modern age we are constantly bombarded with celebrity endorsements, Beyonce's new depilatory cream or a Lady Gaga branded fat reducing, seaweed, DIY enema. In the past this has usually only been possible for pop and Hollywood stars with the odd soap actor chucked in. However, now it seems that anyone can stick their name and face to something, with the legendary (erm...) artistic-erotica movie star Ron Jeremy getting in on the act.

Now, I recognise that we may not all want the taste of Ron Jeremy in our mouth (you may pause to vomit here if you wish), but I was very intrigued by this rum - firstly for the novelty value, secondly as I have never had a Panamanian (is that right? Of Panama, Panamanian?) rum and finally, because it has received some whip-cracking reviews.

On the nose Ron performs well, with a basket  of tropical fruit pouring from the bottle. Spice comes through after that first money-shot of fruit - it's a really sweet and alluring scent. I think the last pun was a bit much so I'll dial it back. Basically, the nose is very nice: not too complex, but very pleasant.

In your mouth it's very big and powerful, but also nicely rounded. There is a lot of spice and sugar cane with the fruit taking on a more dried fruit quality.  There is a decent finish with wood developing, but there is a little burn at the back of the throat. It can be definitely be drunk straight, but having tried it with some fizzy tropical concoction, it's fantastic as a mixer.

All in all this is a very nice rum, being above most of the more common supermarket options. It's good, but not mind-blowing, however to be fair I expected much less from such a "celebrity" endorsement. If you can get your head around its less savoury associations, this would make a great gift, and once the novelty has worn off you don't have to worry about the rum in the bottle.

So why not pick yourself up a bottle of Ron de Jeremy Rum for £32.55 from The Whisky Exchange.

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