Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Downton Abbey Wine Range Is Happening. Yes.

There have been plenty of showbiz wine ranges launched, (most notably recently was a range of Star Trek wines) but I fear none will cause as much excitement as a Downton Abbey range of wine!

Based in the US, brilliant novelty-wine producer Wines That Rock is collaborating with Dulong Grands Vins de Bordeaux (we all know the Crawleys love their fine French vino) to make both a red and white blend.

Although novelty wines like this are always more about the branding than what's in the bottle, Wines That Rock does have a passionate winemaking team so I'm sure they'll be pleasant enough, although clearly I'd be paying more for the label than anything else. Still, we as a wine drinking community seem perfectly happy to do that with some of the more gimmicky/hyped up brands, so I'm not going to judge people too much for hankering after some Downton plonk.

While I'd love to curl up in front of the new series with a glass of Downton wine in my hand, it looks like the range is only going to be distributed across the US and Canada, however I'm sure we'll be able to grab a bottle if we're very lucky. Anyway, this is even more exciting for me than discovering Paul Giamatti is joining the cast for Downton's next series.

I'm definitely going to need a bottle of this by my side when I come to terms with the tragic loss of the wonderful Matthew. OH, MATTHEW! WHY DID YOU LEAVE US?! Ahem, anyway, the range isn't released yet, but keep checking Wines That Rock's site for details.

Let us know which other TV series should have their own wine in the comments...

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