Thursday, 9 May 2013

What a Load of... Piddle Brewery

By Sam Green

What a load of Piddle. Almost literally! While strolling through the muddy fields of The East of England Food Festival, I stumbled across this delightfully named brewery, and couldn't help but take a look.

Operating out of Piddlehinton (I know right?!) in the gorgeous county of Dorset, Piddle Brewery offer a rather large and varied selection to keep your buzz going but more importantly, keep your taste buds guessing. 

Piddle's brew names follow in the toilet humour/nob gag footsteps with delights such as Mid Stream Mild, Silent Slasher, and Little Willie. Childish titters abound - though it might have something to do with being on your fifth bottle of the stuff.

The two brews I can highly recommend are the Jimmy Riddle and the SilentSlasher. Jimmy Riddle, a chestnut beer, opens up with delightful fruitiness and malt that gives way to a slightly spicy finish. It's rather light on the hops and the alcohol level which make for a gorgeously refreshing beverage perfect for beer gardens everywhere. 

Silent Slasher is made in the style of a blonde lager with a marginally higher wheat content than usual, it gives off deceptively light white beer hints. An aromatic blend of hops gives a lively, heady finish that's complex and curious. 

Piddle beers are available from their online store The Piddle Offy, but there's a further selection of Piddle Beers from The Real Ale Company for £26 per case of twelve bottles. They're a friendly bunch at Piddle, though, so further beers may be available on request.

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