Thursday, 2 May 2013

Single Malt Savings: Glenmorangie - The Original 10yr

So my fellow maltheads, until 22/5 the Glenmorangie 10yr is at a massively reduced… wait for it, £25 down from £34.70 at Tesco! That’s almost a £10 saving - epic right?

This is one of those whiskies you have to try, non-optional. It’s akin to loving films and having to see The Godfather or music and listening to Led Zeppelin or football and Tottenham.  This is many people’s first stop on the Malt Express and it can be a hard one to leave for some.

Now, this comes from a very northern Highland distillery. The Highlands are hard to categorize, but generally produce some of the bigger, peatier whiskies. This whisky actually bucks that trend, being a bit more floral and interestingly is the bestselling malt in Scotland - who should know quality better than the bonnie Scots?

The nose produces spice, with toffee, florality, and orange citrus notes with some vanilla lurking in the background. The scent is hugely pronounced with each smelling yielding different scents that you can chase round in your head, trying to place again and again.

On the palate there is again the spice and citrus rind, with some peat, wood, caramel and toffee coming through. It is nicely full bodied, but isn’t massively smoky or peaty like other Highlands. It is truly wonderful, bigger in body than you'd expect from the nose, truly top drawer.

This is a fantastic single malt, a real go-to basic to have in the cupboard. I don’t say this to belittle the lovely scotch, but it’s a must have: if someone asks for a whisky and you hand them a dram of this, well then they know you have good taste.

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