Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Heavenly Hip Flasks: Sexy Pin-Up Girls from Hair of the Dog on Etsy

Our quest to find the coolest hip flask in town continues.

We know you can technically use hip flasks for all kinds of tipples, virgin or otherwise, but we reckon these ones definitely call for proper booze.

Hair of the Dog are an American seller on Etsy. We don't normally feature overseas sellers, but their postage charges are so ridiculously reasonable we thought we'd go nuts.

The other thing that tipped it over the edge was the fact that their designs are utterly beautiful. They do plenty of varieties, but our favourites from the range are their delicious vintage pin-up girls.

Sexy without being smutty, and yet delightfully cheeky, they could not be more suited to adorning a hip flask.

We love this gorgeous girl in a yellow dress flashing a bit too much leg.

How about this saucy saluting girl? I know we're supposed to be fixated on her upper assets but I just really, really like her shoes.

I love this lady of leather. She reveals nothing, and yet there's something very sexy about her. Let's face it, we all want to take a photo looking fabulous in that pose.

Okay, I pretty much want to be this woman in a red bathing suit.

These gorgeous flasks are $20.50 (that's about £13.19 for you and I) with £5.28 shipping to the UK, so including postage you can pick one up for under twenty quid. Now you just have to choose which of these fantastic women you want in your pocket.

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