Monday, 13 May 2013

Get Your Freaker On: Freaker Bottle Insulators

We're always open to new ways to make our drinking habits more interesting, but I can't decide whether our latest discovery is brilliant or downright mental.

The ever-inventive Firebox are now selling Freakers: bottle insulators to keep your beverage cool or ensure your hot drink stays toasty. They might look like nothing more than a gimmick but it's ideal for outside shenanigans, and they've clearly put a lot of effort into the designs.

It's basically a new take on the novelty tea-cosy - they're all knitted and come in a range of six kitsch designs ready for you to stretch over the bottle of your tipple of choice. I can't decide if I like Sherlock Homie or 'Hooters' (the colourful, slightly hypnotic owl design) the best - but they're all either charming or bonkers in their own way.

They're machine-washable - so don't worry if you get a bit over-enthusiastic gesture-wise when showing off your new accessory and spill your newly-insulated beverage everywhere - and best of all they're £9.99 each which isn't bad for a novelty purchase that will actually have its uses.

What do you think? Bonkers or brilliant? And which design would you choose?


  1. I like the look of Dirty Carl. Reminds me a little of myself. I like him the best :)

    1. I think Matt will like the Sherlock Homie for the same reason...

  2. I also love hooters. But that's another story.