Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gorgeous New Shop Alert: Our Alexander & James Wishlist

We're not sure if you've noticed, but we love our booze here at Vinspire. But we're not after cheap kicks or binge-drinking, we're after the good stuff: artisan producers, brands with heritage, craftsmanship with passion, and something that makes us excited as well as a little bit (alright maybe more than that) tipsy.

When we discovered new premium drinks store Alexander & James, we were more than a tad thrilled - they incorporate all of the above, plus a nice dollop of dedication to improving your drinking experience through fantastic tricks and tips in their own magazine too.

They asked us to make our own little Alexander & James wishlist but, truth be told, we'd already done it in our minds. So we've written it down for your viewing pleasure:


I'm all about the glassware at the moment, so as soon as I clapped eyes on the Johnnie Walker Gold glasses (with real gold!) I was smitten. They're only £12.50 each and I'm desperate to sip a cold Tom Collins out of them. I'm also in urgent need of a muddler for my cocktail shenanigans, and the A&J muddler is only £4.95!

Obviously I wouldn't let an order go by without some booze, but I've got that covered too: now I've finished all my Tipsy lime vodka, I think I'm going to grab a bottle of Ketel One Citrus for my refreshing vodka kicks - it's a very reasonable £27.17 for 70cl. I'm also uber tempted by Ciroc Coconut (£33.57) - not only is it deliciously tropical for the summer, it's 5-times distilled for a delicious creamy texture. Want.


I am a whisky lover and want to include drams that I haven't tried yet, but from distilleries I know I love.

The first item on my A&J wishlist after much deliberation has to be the Dalwhinnie Distiller's Edition for £52.28. The standard 15yr is one of my favourite malts from my collection and I'd love to get my clammy, begging mitts on a bottle of this. It's distilled in oloroso sherry casks and I'd love to see the different subtleties this imparts.

The second item without a doubt is the Johhnie Walker Platinum Label for £67.89 (I'm not a cheap date). When I first started drinking whisky many years ago Johnnie Walker is where I started and holds a special place in my heart. I have tried the majority of the Walker blends, but really want to give the newest addition to the range a whirl - maybe with a couple of Johnnie Walker Platinum ice cubes in the glass too...


So my birthday is coming up and I'm not a fussy girl (far from it!) but okay, okay, I'll give a few hints:

The Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Cocktail Set is incredibly appealing - a few B-52's and a box of liqueur chocolates is pretty close to my idea of a perfect evening. At £88.76 for a bottle of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, an ice bucket AND sexy, curvy cocktail glasses, this stylish gift set (dare I say it) has my name written all over. Unfortunately for you guys, I won't be sharing. My birthday = my cocktails and my chocolates!

But in the spirit of sharing birthday fun, having a few friends around will call for a bottle of Don Julio Reposado Tequila: at £47.72, this is no cheap shot tequila, but worth enjoying with friends. Alexander & James suggest serving it alongside a glass of spicy sangrita - orange, pomegranate and tomato juice, a dash of tobasco sauce, a dash of grenadine and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Feliz cumpleaños a mí - that's "Happy Birthday to me"!


Of all spirits, gin is the one I love the most. Being such a fan of top-notch gin, I would LOVE a bottle of Tanqueray no. Ten, not only because it’s top quality and absolutely delicious, but also because it is the coolest gin out there; the sleek design of the bottle makes it stand out on the shelf of every reputable cocktail bar in the country. It is worth every penny of its £31.63 price tag.

The only thing is, you can’t have good gin and tonic without good glassware, so I absolutely must have the Alexander & James Highball Glasses in my life at £17.00. If someone bought me one of these glasses, I would totally be their best friend forever and we could have a secret handshake and friendship bracelets and everything. You can’t have any of my Tanqueray no. Ten though; it’s too good to share.


Having been to the Talisker distillery on the Isle of Skye, I was delighted to see it being featured among many other fantastic whiskies and spirits on the Alexander & James drinks list.

With its intense smoky character and long, peppery warm finish, it is no wonder the Talisker 10 Year Old - and Talisker in general - is one of Scotland’s most established and recognisable Single Malts. Certainly one I would love to have in my drinks cabinet, and at £38.44 I can see it being there very soon!

As if the whisky itself wasn’t enough, the crisp and classy Talisker Rocking Glasses at £7.25 a pop would be the perfect vessel to harbour all of those gorgeous flavours and aromas. Put together, a match made in heaven and well worthy of any whisky lovers’ wish list.

And just think, buy enough bottles and you could showcase them all on your very own Classic Malts Plinth! To be honest, I would pay £79.99 just to be able to say I had a ‘Plinth of Booze’. Genius.


It's not often in the booze world that you can build a wishlist of accessories and gifts that make me go weak at the knees. Having perused Alexander and James' fantastic selection, I've found a few delights that might turn evenings of shots and straw-pedos into nights of elegance and sophistication that I'll truly remember for all the right reasons.

First up for me is The Johnnie Walker VIP Whisky Kit. Mainly because I've always wanted a soda siphon (think of all the classic gags!), but also LOOK AT IT! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I'll look like James Bond! It's top quality stuff, so at £165 I'm going to start saving/badgering my loved ones starting from.... now.

For its sheer simplicity, I love this Alexander & James cocktail set. It's a great beginner's gift (I can think of at least a dozen friends who'd dearly love something like this), it's functional and will class up any occasion - and you've got all your basics covered in style for £48.75.

And if I won a wad of cash, the first thing I'd buy is the Johnnie Walker Backgammon set for £2,300. It sounds pricey, but not only do you get a frankly sexy backgammon kit in a swanky briefcase, you also get a bottle of King George V, which is the holy grail of whiskies for me. It really is the ultimate gift.

This was a sponsored post for Alexander & James, the hottest new premium spirit store in town and an absolute must-visit site. We’re all bookmarking them for frequent browsing sessions – what would you add to your A&J wishlist?


  1. Vinspire team - think of the awesome party we could have if we had everything on the wishlist!

    1. Haha, bugsy not around my place! ;-) Think I'm actually going to get everything on my list though...