Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Gay Old Time: Mount Gay Eclipse

So in my neverending quest to bring you the best deals on those spirited bottles, I feel I should highlight Mount Gay Rum. Asda is currently offering this wonderful rum at £13, a banging 26% reduction!

Mount Gay is the oldest existing rum brand in the world having been around since at least 1703. You do not last that long making a shoddy product and Mount Gay has a long tradition of making fantastic rums with diverse and distinct flavours. If you don't feel you can just trust in my opinion then consider this; in Casino Royale the first drink the man Daniel Craig ordered was a Mount Gay and soda. That's right, 007 himself forgoing martini for this rum-bunctious number.  

On the nose there is a really nice floral quality along with hints of vanilla, some fruit, toasted oak and the slightest touch of honey-ness.

On the palate there is vanilla and oak again with smoke and spice. The alcohol isn't too aggressive in my opinion, but I wouldn't class this as a sipper, not really surprising for a rum of this price. For me this is one of the best opening level rums available, it makes fantastic Mai Tais, rum punches and is also great with ginger beer.

We all like to have a little bit of the tropical in our lives, at least I know I do and this for me delivers in buckets and spades (a little beach reference there). However, for me I think one of the best things about this rum is that it transports me back to the first I tried it on an open hilltop bar looking over the Barbadian forest. Our taxi driver having asked us if we enjoyed the rum explained that he was drinking now and had been all morning. It was a great day and with memories like that I'm not really sure why I don't drink this every day, well,
apart from the incident...

Pick up a bottle at the irresistible reduced price while it lasts.

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