Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Thrill is in the Chase: WIlliams Chase Gin

Having not long returned from our trip to the fantastic WarnerEdwards, I now find myself overcome with ginophilia. It is with this enthusiasm that I turned my attention to the offerings of another farmer turned distiller: Williams gin.

Now, I’m sure we’ve all tried their delicious crisps (under the Tyrell’s brand name) but few know that the same producer has come to make delicious, delicious spirits. The first step on the road to gin-laden heaven was the production of vodka. Made with the farm’s own potatoes Chase Vodka won the title of World’s Best Vodka at the San Francisco Spirits Competition.

Having beaten the Russians at their own game thoughts turned to Williams gin (RRP £38 but only £32 at Tanners) and this example - unusually using apple to make the base spirit - is a doozie.

Straight from the bottle this gin has a nose full of juniper, lemon peel, liquorice, a hint of elderflower and there's even citrus notes in there too.

Drinking this gin straight was an… experience: there was a nice amount of flavour and it went down smoothly, but it was anything but mellow with the heat building and the burn lasting. Although the taste itself is lovely with a hefty hit of juniper, citrus, spice and the slightest bit of apple coming through this isn’t a sipper for me, even with ice.

Over ice and tonic this gin makes a fantastic refreshing, crisp, warm-day tipple. This wonderful G&T could be served with traditional garnishes, or alternatively with a slice of apple to open that note out a smidge, plus giving a sly nod to the gin’s roots.

Chase is splendid in tonic, however it’s on the heavy side being bottled at 48%. I would suggest that this would make an awesome base gin for all those amateur mixologists out there who would like to whip up a gimlet or gin fizz during our hopefully impending heat wave. YOU HEAR THAT, WEATHER GODS? Impending. Heat. Wave.

By Hugo Fountain

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