Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Why You Should Be Drinking Pinot Noir (even if you don't like red wine)

There are a few wines that - upon tasting - make me just want to shove the glass in someone's face and shout 'TRY THIS ONE ITS REALLY REALLY GOOD" at them. A little bit like how parents who don't see their kids enough like to force their children's pictures in the faces of anyone that stands near them for more than 30 seconds.

Pinot Noir is one of the few wines that makes me do this because a lot of the time its hard to dislike, yet not enough people drink it, which is a real shame.

Devil's Corner 2008
Well, I thought my first review here being for a bottle under £6 would be really boring, so I'm going to start with Devil's Corner 2008 Pinot Noir from Tasmania which is available from Bon Coeur Fine Wines at just over £12

We don't see much Tasmanian wine in the UK, which is a shame because some great stuff comes from the island - but maybe its because there are only around 200 wineries there, as opposed to roughly 2,000 in Australia.

The 2008 Devil's Corner Pinot Noir is some good kit. It has a lovely tawny colour which has toned down slightly due to being a few years old now. It smells of juicy red fruit - cherry and strawberry, with a nice hint of oak which is present without being overpowering.

It tastes pretty good too. Tasmanian Pinot Noirs often have quite an acidic character and this definitely fits the bill. The combination of the juicy acidity and a nice bit of spice really makes your mouth water. The red fruit continues in the mouth and when you swallow, a nice bit of blackcurrant shows up to the party, bringing beers and hot girls. Blackcurrant, you are a legend.

The flavour keeps going really nicely for quite some time in the finish.
All in all, if you have £12.77 to spend, this is well worth it - it really doesn't disappoint.

Tierra y Hombre 2011
I also tried this Chilean Pinot Noir; Tierra y Hombre 2011 from Casablanca Valley. This is available from Marks & Spencer for £7.99, and for that sort of price its great - especially as Decanter gave this wine a Bronze medal in 2012.

As soon as I tasted this, straight away I thought it would be the best wine for a summer night, when you have been drinking litres of cider and rosé throughout the day - as the temperature drops coming into the evening, sitting out by the BBQ with a glass of this would be perfect.

It has a delicate nose with plenty of light red fruit and a hint of vanilla. It gets way more exciting when you drink it. Although this will please dedicated red wines drinkers, this is perfect as a starting point for anyone who normally drinks white but wants to learn to love red wine, due to the smooth tannins that don't suck every bit of moisture from your mouth like some heavier reds do.

 Although there isn't tons of depth to this Pinot Noir, the flavours that are present are really easy to like. It is very well balanced, with lovely refreshing acidity and when that's mixed with the fruit, it makes it so easy to drink. Zingy and delicious. Not one of your 5-a-day, but I reckon it totally should be.

Freddy Bulmer

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