Tuesday, 30 April 2013

That's The Spirit! Black Cow Milk Vodka

I'm not a massive vodka drinker, but even I was immediately intrigued by the notion of milk vodka.

Who even does that? Who makes vodka out of milk like some weird bovine Jesus?! Well, a company called Black Cow does, and it's a lot less gimmicky than you might think.

For one thing, they're in this for quality as much as novelty: Dorset farmer uses fresh, award-winning whole milk from his herd of grass-fed cows, which is made into milk beer before being distilled and triple-filtered.

So why milk? That's actually the easiest question of them all: it gives a noticeably more creamy texture to the vodka which makes it easier and more pleasant to drink. When some of the team and I tried it last week, we did so with another bottle of standard, high-quality vodka on hand (as you do) so we could compare and contrast them, and all of us agreed we much preferred sipping Black Cow.

Its creaminess adds an extra dimension to cocktails, padding out the flavour and making vodka a far more attractive prospect for non-vodka fans like me.

They also won silver at the San Francisco Spirit Awards this year, and have been receiving plenty of press from the likes of Vogue, Monocle, and now of course Vinspire. I hear they're really cool.

You can pick up a bottle of Black Cow vodka from various stores, but the cheapest we can find is Master of Malt for £27.72.

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