Thursday, 11 April 2013

Supermarket Sweep: Release the Kraken!

Okay, so admittedly that wasn’t the most inspired title for this review (Hoist the Jolly Rumer?), but honestly it’s the most fitting.

This week I continued my perusal of the best spirits the supermarkets have to offer by sampling The Kraken black spiced rum, fit to sit in pride of place in any salty seadog’s drinks-cabinet. Kraken is available for around 23 doubloons at Ocado or Tesco, or £21.95 at The Whisky Exchange, me hearties!

Firstly, the packaging is fantastic; the antique style bottle, the etching style for the label and old school fonts simply scream “Yahhhhar!” You would be forgiven for thinking that this is a simple, gimmicky product; yet the contents of the bottle are just as entertaining as the exterior.

On the nose there is a good amount of sweetness with caramel and vanilla, spice such as coriander and a tiny bit of smoke as well. “Man the cannons!”

On the palate again there is the same sweetness and spice interacting wonderfully with the warmth coming off in your throat. Whilst it’s a beast, The Kraken remains fantastically smooth, with nice long legs on it too (one may be pegged though OH YES THE PIRATE PUNS KEEP ON COMING).

People usually regard rum as a mixing spirit, but due to the quality and also the strength of flavour in this rum I feel it would be best served simply with coke or ginger beer and lime, or even straight on the rocks. I realise it is becoming a bit of a trend here on Vinspire that we tout spirits as nice straight, but that is in my opinion one of the signs of quality and refinement.

Now that I have exhausted your patience for pirating and nautical analogies and puns I realize I haven’t put in a joke about seamen… I think you still get the picture, this rum is the balls.

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