Monday, 22 April 2013

Springtime, Cederberg Chenin Blanc and Sushi

Last Sunday's glorious springtime evening provoked me to crack open a neglected bottle of Chenin Blanc I'd received as a gift many weeks ago. Since then, it'd been peeking out of my house wine rack and gathering dust - a complete oversight fuelled by my lack of Chenin appreciation it turns out.

Whilst I'd been aware that Chenin Blanc is South Africa's celebrated white grape variety, I'd tried very little of the stuff, and what I had was less than inspiring. As a result of my under-exposure and failure to be impressed by Chenin, it had not really been on my white wine radar.

In honourary attendance at my housemate Amie's monthly dinner party gathering with her good friends, I was perhaps permitted entry because I volunteered to bring the wine. First everyone enjoyed a fabulous Green Tea Martini (we gave you the recipe last week), and then because my housemate had probably bigged me up beyond the level of my expertise, I was expected to give an insightful intro to the carefully chosen wine that I'd shown up with. All I could say was, "Erm, it's Chenin Blanc and it's won an award".

Perhaps I should have done more research and had more confidence in presenting Cederberg's award-winning Chenin Blanc 2012. Cederberg is a fantastic producer, one that keeps appearing in South Africa's various wine charts and acquiring glowing reviews across their range. Their Chenin is certainly worthy of its gold medal recognition.

I hadn't been expecting such a lovely, crisp and delicate wine. Nothing in the least about it was offensive, as I'd secretly suspected. Its slight florality (is that a word?), melon and pear juiciness made it a pleasant springtime eve's tipple, and its hint of creaminess and stony finish worked a dream with the clean and yet creamy character of our sushi.

And now onto that, the sushi... I'd like to pay tribute to Olivia (one of the hosts), for hand-preparing the most delectable selection of sushi - an aesthetic and edible treat.

If the longest winter in the history of humanity has really come to an end, then all readers should give Cederberg's Chenin Blanc 2012 a try - and what better context than a sushi night? You can get hold of a bottle (or more) from Stone Vine & Sun, Concept Fine Wines and SA Wines Online (who'll give you £10 off your first order over £50).

And don't forget to try out the Green Tea Martini!

Please let me know what your experiences of Chenin Blanc are.

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