Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Drinking: Brothers Fruit Cider.

Cider has been enjoying a resurgence over the last few years, with 3 in 5 people now enjoying a nice cold one. The lovely brothers over at...er...Brothers have been kind enough to send me both their strawberry and wild fruit ciders to try just in time for spring.  I have (like many of us) come across Brothers before. I was first introduced to the strawberry delight in a boat-shaped bar in Leeds city centre. Needless to say I liked it so much, I ended up trying to sail the bar. I haven't been back since.

The first thing I was greeted with is the new oldy-woldy style that this country does so well. The new design celebrates their fifth anniversary of launching into the on and off trade with a drawing taken from one of the wives of the four Brothers. Open it up and - unlike many other brands - what's inside is just as pleasing as the outside. Upon opening the strawberry, the first images I'm picturing (aside from being laughed at by northerners)  are sunny days, lounging around and generally being a Lord of Leisure.

A great big whiff of strawberry is followed by a slight touch of alcohol to warn you that this ain't no Ribena! Succulent strawberry taste gives way to a nice dry moreish finish. Marvellous!

Next up is the wild fruit. Born originally from the great unwashed Glasto masses mixing flavours together, Brothers cottoned on and added a few extra little fruits.

The nose is predominantly raspberry but - unlike the strawberry - the warning smell of alcohol doesn't rear its little head.
Straight away it's sumptuously sweet - initial flavours of red fruits give way to the more pronounced blackberry and blueberry notes that get stuck to your lips. There's also no presence of booze whatsoever, which is beautifully dangerous. It's only just as the flavours dissipate that the little alcoholic twist becomes apparent - but before you notice it, you're on to the next glug anyway!

Unlike a lot of fruit ciders, these aren't too rich and sickly - I could happily drink these all night (again). Instead you're left with a moreish taste that won't let you put the glass down!

Brothers Ciders are available from all supermarkets in the booze aisle.

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