Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Single Malt Savings: Dalwhinnie 15yr Old For Under £30

By Hugo Fountain 

This week I went on a search for the best supermarket deal on single malt whisky as the decent stuff generally starting at around £30 (extortion I cry!). Now, admittedly my choosing wasn’t much below that £30 mark, but it’s still a great deal. At Tesco the Dalwhinnie 15yr old is down to £28 from it’s usual £35 until 23/4/13 making it a great time to pick up a bottle to try.

This offering comes from the highest distillery in bonnie Scotland and having been aged for 15yrs this whisky is definitely on the older side for an entry-level malt, meaning even better value.

This whisky leaps out of the glass at you with notes of honey, spice, floral touches, some citrus, sea-side freshness and the slightest touch of smoke. The nose is really complex, but endlessly enjoyable and with so much to discover you’ll have your nose stuck in the glass all day.

The flavor of this whisky really is awesome, whilst it’s both smooth and mellow, I suggest adding a teeny tiny bit of water to bring it down from it’s 43%. Again, in tasting you immediately get that sugary, honey character, but it has a slight bit of bitterness with a lemony flavor, smoke and pepper.

The finish on this dram (whisky slang for unit or measure of whisky don’t’cha know laddie) is really nice, it is calm and a fair length with flavours of toasted nuts, vanilla and caramel.

This is a sweet whisky and being very clean and smooth makes it a perfect option for those used to bourbons and blends, or alternatively those only just setting off on their highland journey.

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