Thursday, 11 April 2013

Who Wants a Penguin-Shaped Cocktail Shaker? WE DO!

One of our favourite things to get us through the day here at Vinspire HQ is gazing fondly at the penguin cam on the Edinburgh Zoo website. Who doesn't like penguins?!

'What has this got to do with booze?' we hear you ask (...silently). Well, we have found a way to incorporate this pingu-esque present to you with a gift of the more alcoholic, grownup kind: hip interiors outfit Graham and Green have sauntered into our lives with a penguin-shaped cocktail shaker.

Isn't it marvellous? It is, you don't have to tell us. We want it - hard. Harder than world peace. If we had one, we'd have to name it and everything.

The best thing is it's only £28.50 - affordable even by our standards. And as you shake your favourite cocktail into being, you can sing something dreadfully appropriate like 'let me see you shake your tail feathers', or even Christina Perri's rather haunting song called Penguin. Only we won't, because it's horrendous.

In all seriousness, we fuss over pretty hand-finished glasses and novelty bottle-openers and even pretty, overly expensive decanters that we rarely ever use, so why not find a cocktail shaker that reflects your personality too? This has gone right to the top of our accessory wish-list.

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