Monday, 29 April 2013

Nyetimber to Export to Japan

 Nyetimber are exporting to Japan!

I don't know what you think about English sparkling wine, but I think it's pretty excellent - there is even bubbling opinion amongst some in the industry that the best examples of our home-grown sparkle can rival genuine Champagne.

The arrival of this morning's "Chin Chin" e-newsletter brought with it news of top class English wine producer, Nyetimber's debut export to oriental climes. Japanese wine consumption is on the rise and I was excited to hear that from June 2013, Nyetimber will be brimming from Japanese flutes.

Two reasons that this excited me:

1. I was lucky enough to visit the Nyetimber estate last year, and I absolutely love the people, the brand and love the wine, so I'm thrilled to hear they're doing well.

2. I find the English wine scene rather interesting. Having written an article on this (which got me shortlisted for Young Wine Writer 2012 - not meaning to accolade drop), one thing I had wondered about, but due to a limitating word count hadn't mentioned, was English wine's export potential. With English harvests so uncertain and limited area under vine, if Nyetimber takes off in Japan - how will they cope with the demand?

Admittedly I don't know lots about the Japanese wine industry, your comments and insights are welcome...

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