Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday Cocktail: The White Lady

It's not often you get a scary cocktail, but by golly we're going to give you the willies with this one.

Remember earlier this week you all got excited when we told you about Harrington Dry Gin? The one with the distillery in the grounds of an ancient manor house that was mysteriously pulled down hundreds of years ago?

Well, on the bleak and misty morning we were there, Tom and Sion filled our veins with ice by telling us that a restless - once murderous - now guilt-ridden lady of the manor still walks the grounds of the farm! It was rumoured that she killed her gardener in an act of rage, and that the shame from this was what eventually got the house pulled down.

She's known locally as the White Lady of Harrington, and it's rumoured that if you see her, you'll die shortly afterwards. And guess what? There's no one alive that's seen her!*

Luckily we didn't see her. Although we did drive out of the village with our eyes closed, just in case.

The lads also shared this brilliant cocktail recipe with us for The White Lady, which was apparently invented way back in 1929.

We've sampled it with Harrington's finest gin, and we can confirm it adds a whole other dimension to the flavours of this zingy, zesty, moreish cocktail.

The White Lady (makes one cocktail)

1 shot Harrington Dry Gin
Half a shot Cointreau
Half a shot freshly squeezed lemon juice

Shake it!

1. Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
2. Give it all a jolly good shake and strain/pour it into a glass.
3. Optional: garnish with a twist of lemon

* We are aware this just means that no one has actually seen her. Still. Just in case, we're not going to go looking for her.

Image taken from Rob Ireton's photostream under the Creative Commons License, because our photos sort of got deleted a bit.

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