Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Drinkman's Incredible Retro Walkman Hip Flask

I've been on the scout for a hip flask for some time, but never got round to biting the bullet and caving into some (slightly worrying) covert drinking.

Well, now I think I've finally found The One. The hip flask that is going to push me over the edge to making a purchase and carrying booze around in my pocket like a bit of a tramp.

It's the Drinkman Walkman shaped hip flask from iWoot. Combining four of my favourite things: 90s musical devices, anything retro, a thing to hold my alcohol in and a ridiculously silly gimmick, it might be my first happy-birthday-to-me present of 2013. Well okay, of April 2013. Well okay, of April 9th 2013.

The design is perfect: now I can experience serious nostalgia and get a bit on the tipsy side. S Club 7 and a cheeky swig of something alcoholic amongst friends: is there a better way to ruin a film for everyone else in the cinema? I think not.

It's available for the cheeky price of £10.99 with free UK delivery (bonus). Hair mascara, tank top and use of the word 'rad' entirely optional.

Have any of you lot got hip flasks? Tell us about them in the comments.

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