Monday, 29 April 2013

Dream Decanter: Unmissable Statement Decanters


Now Freddy's told you all about how to decant wine, and let you know that even a fiver-a-bottle job will benefit from a little more oxygen, I'm sure you've all been desperate to give it a go (right? RIGHT?!)

Anyway, the problem with me is I don't like the shape of the more conventional decanters. I like the ones that will make my nearest and dearest laugh, gasp, or try and steal them home in their handbags.

I've been on the lookout for some statement decanters to add to my collection, and I thought I'd share the joy with you. Get ready to start lusting after some seriously strange tableware.

Let's start on the more subtle side and work our way up. This handmade purple glass decanter is seriously pretty, and it even comes in a huge range of colours. Not one for decanting more serious bottles of course - it would maybe work better for brandy or sherry in the very short term - but it'll do fine for water, or even some everyday wine that needs some air or when you want to hide the cheap-looking bottle from your company (ahem). It's £49.99 from Jasmine Way.

Riedel may be pricey, but they sure know how to make a gorgeous decanter. This black tie bliss decanter has a beautiful heart-shaped hole to use as a handle, and a swirly black and red stripe down the side. Although a little pricey at £175 from House of Fraser you'd get so many boyfriend points for using this when making your beloved dinner that it wouldn't even matter if all you served her was beans on toast. Probably. Don't quote us on that.

The scientists among you might want to geek out entirely and get this chemical flask shaped decanter. The shape actually lends itself quite well to the job in hand (giving the wine a little oxygen, rather than just looking pretty) but you'll still get all your equally geeky chums talking about the lab-like design. It's £47.95 from The Original Home Store, via notonthehighstreet.

A duck! A decanter shaped like a duck! We are in love with this design even if it's about as stylish as those novelty teapots your gran collects. Still, it is quite cute, and cheaper than the others so far at £47.50 from  Table Art.

If things have been a little too twee for you so far, we're pretty sure you'll love the skull and crossbones decanter from Ella James Living (£49). Of course you won't be able to see what you're pouring and it might get a few odd looks from less fun more formal people, but it certainly shows that the benefits of a nice decanted wine can be enjoyed by people of all ages and tastes. And pirates. Even pirates.

Last but by no means least, wow everyone with this astonishing world globe decanter. It's just awesome on ALL OF THE LEVELS. Not only is it very pretty indeed, not only will it impress pretty much everyone, not only does it spin on it's axis ohmygodsomuchfun, but it also isn't a bad shape to use as a serious decanter. AND AND AND as it gets emptier, it will reveal that it has a tiny little galleon sailing inside it.

You won't believe this, but it's a mere £32 from The Brilliant Gift Company, making it the cheapest of the lot. Oh can we get one right now pleasepleaseplease?!

Will any of these grace your table some time soon? Or have you found something better? Let us know in the comments...

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