Monday, 22 April 2013

Perk Up Monday Morning: Beanies Flavoured Coffee

If you're slumping at your desk this morning (or still recovering from last night) you might find yourself drinking a cup of bitter, filthy instant coffee and wishing you were back in bed. That's no way to start your week.

Until recently, I was just like you. But then I discovered Beanie's Flavoured Coffee Company.

I was initially just looking for something to bring into work and put on the communal 'let's see who can really conspicuously donate the flashiest hot drink to prove we're superior' area. Up until now it was a fight to the death between Freda from Accounts' green-chai-chamomile-roobois tea, which mostly tastes like armpit - and Derek the Caretaker's seventeen year old jar of Nescafe he'd found at the back of his cupboard and was claiming to be 'vintage'.

Well, I spent most of last week not working at all, choosing instead to draw lots of pictures of the stupid looks on their faces when I brought in some of the finest-tasting, uber-tempting wholebean coffee flavours. The wholebean varieties all start at £4.35 for a 250g bag, but go up to a whole bloody kilo for £12.75.

Now on cold days we can drink cinnamon and hazelnut flavour coffee. If we're feeling frisky (no, don't think about Freda and Derek. Don't. DON'T.) we can sip chocolate cherry coffee . When we're all wearing paper crowns after the obligatory Christmas 'eating cardboard-textured turkey and sprout-mulch and pretending we've not got wind' party we can recover with Christmas pudding coffee.

When I'm trying not to passively-aggressively reply to yet another email from the boss asking us all not to forget to empty the shredder when it's full as it becomes a health and safety risk, I'll enjoy tiramisu flavour, swiss chocolate almond flavour, or French vanilla coffee.

And when it just isn't Friday yet, we can get on the sauce without becoming violent at work by drinking rum ba ba coffee (that's rum and toffee and the best name in the world), amaretto coffee, or malt whisky. If we're having a really bad day, we might even go for double-trouble with chocolate brandy coffee.

If you're not stuck between Freda and Derek's endless, disturbing-sexual-tension-undercurrent one-upmanship, you might choose to save some pennies (or hoard the good stuff away for yourself) and buy some of their very reasonably priced flavoured instant coffee. They don't have as many flavours, but they do still do the amaretto one (Hint: BUY ME AMARETTO COFFEE) and it's only £2.75 for a 50g jar.

They even do decaffeinated wholebean stuff - is there anything these guys don't do?! Well, they don't stop creepy office politics, that's for sure. But now I have nice coffee, I don't care.

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