Wednesday, 10 April 2013

B is for Bonarda "Fruit Bomb" Bargain!

On this shiny Wednesday morning, we fancy sharing a serious, showy-offy vino tip-off for even a seasoned wine drinker.

Have you ever tried Bonarda? If you don't even know what that is (who could blame you?) it's a grape variety. It's had most of its success in Argentina. And it's incredible.

It's one of our top grape picks (PUN!) of 2013, and we highly recommend you get your mitts on a bottle of it somewhere.

Luckily, we bring you glad tidings: you can get one of the best examples on the UK market for an absolute steal at the moment!

The Wine Society are selling Faldeos Nevados Bonarda 2010 for £7.25 a bottle, down from £8.25 (which was already great value for what it is) as part of their Bin-End clearance.

I first tried this wine at their Tasting bar in the Society Showroom, and it was one of those rare instances where after one sip I was racing towards the shelves to pick up a bottle immediately.

The colour is deep, dark and plummy, and you only need to get your nose within a square mile of the glass and BOOM! The fruit explodes all over your fine self. It's juicy beyond belief: plums and blackberry and dark cherries flying about all over the shop, with some intriguing sweet spice adding even more layers to the mix.

This follows through on the palate in a delightfully smooth texture - I could seriously see my friends and I getting through entirely too much of this in an evening, whether we're just nattering around the table into the small hours or devouring venison stew, lamb chops, or (as we are often wont to do) a heroic-sized plate of cheese.

If you're not a member of the Society (why not? It's the "best wine move you'll ever make" according to Jancis) you can pick up something similar at a few choice places in the UK (the Aguma Bonarda from Naked Wines is about as close as we can find, but it's £11.99 - or £8.99 if you're part of their Angel scheme) but we really think this is the best value for money by a sweet country mile.

Have you ever tried Bonarda? Give us your top tips in the comments, or on our friendly neighbourhood Facebook and Twitter pages!

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